IT Tuition in Cheshire and the North West

Computeracy, run by Helen Horton, offers bespoke IT and computer tuition throughout Cheshire and the North West for individuals and small businesses. These days computing skills are almost instinctive for children, but what about the rest of us? The good news is that there is no age barrier to learning how to use a PC or laptop or to getting more out of your business IT resources.
Helen’s approach to tutoring is strictly step by step, giving you the confidence and know how to get the best out of your computer or other device or network according to your interests and requirements.

Most of Helen’s clients are older people wanting to catch up with the grandchildren or at least explore the fun and practical sides of life online. Others are small business owners looking for some guidance. Helen also helps students or professionals needing help with Microsoft Office or other software.

Computeracy can help

Helen delivers friendly, one-to-one computer tutoring in your own home or office, offering gentle guidance and advice. Her mantra is to allow people to progress at their own pace. She holds a current DRB, and her teaching style is versatile enough to accommodate ages 8-100! She can teach proficient use of Windows and Apple software, PCs, tablets and handheld devices. Most importantly, she is known for her endless patience!
A PC or laptop or other device should make your life more enjoyable. A computer, in the right hands, can be a time and money saver. But it can also extend your horizons and make life easier whether you want to learn how to use Facebook or want to get your office or network in order. And once you’re up and running with confidence there are other refinements. Examples might include how to set up child safe browsing, or learning how to keep your computer safe.

Improve Your Skills

Looking for a new job? Improve your skill set with personal IT and computer tuition.

Age Has No Limits

Tuition for ages 8-100! Learn how to use the very latest technology and software.

Dedicated Tutor

Helen is dedicated to your needs and fully adapts to your learning level.