How I Work

I appreciate everyone learns at their own pace regardless of their goals. My focus is not on IT repair, rather its giving you the skills and confidence to achieve your goals. That doesn’t mean we won’t help improve the security of your network, or install anti-virus software but the focus is squarely on you being becoming able to take the reins.

I deal with all enquiries personally and like to meet prospective clients before quoting. This allows me to better gauge your requirements and gives you a better understanding of my approach and personality. These are important aspects of finding the best tutor/trainer.  I believe I am a patient and lucid teacher and particularly enjoy helping those with little knowledge gain confidence and achieve their online goals. I can also help business owners’ optimise their own IT set up as many small businesses fail to secure their data appropriately or help them run an IT set up more efficiently.

I don’t supply devices for tutoring or courses but can teach on any device from an Apple Mac to a iPad to a PC. I encourage all prospective clients to call for an initial chat in the first instance. This helps both of us decide if and how I may be able to best help. It’s possible then to progress to a meeting which will lead to a quote which reflects my understanding of what help you’ve asked for and associated prices.

For individuals, particularly those who would describe themselves as beginners, I am not a fan of “immersion” tutoring. Whatever pace you’re comfortable with I generally advise weekly sessions. Any more than that and it can become difficult to retain information and this type of tutoring schedule gives you more time to practice your new skills!

I also help a range of small businesses particularly those operating with a home office.  Data security and recovery are big issues for small businesses but I can help you deal with this. Other examples might include coaching you through a switch to an Apple platform, or help you get up the learning curve with new accounting software or the advanced features of Microsoft Office.  If you have an IT tutoring requirement not listed here – just ask me. Finally, all tutoring takes place on client premises.