Although I work in the area of computers and IT my focus is firmly on the people side of things. I provide one to one tuition on all things computers and networking throughout Cheshire and the North West.  I tutor all levels of ability from beginners onwards.  For tutoring clients must provide their own devices (Apple, PC or handheld).

IT and Computer Tutoring

While many people (especially the youngsters) take computers skills for granted there are large numbers of people who would like to be able to do more. While some of my clients are in their 50s and 60s, I tutor all ages from 8 to 100!

Through tutoring you can improve your competency and confidence. Tutoring can appeal to people who want to achieve a practical goal. This might be learning how to use Facebook, doing more with digital photos or learning how to do online shopping safely or learning how to keep their computer safe from viruses and Trojans. Others may want to improve their proficiency with specific software such as Word or Excel. The key benefits of tutoring are you can progress at a comfortable pace and have complete freedom to ask any questions you want. Tutoring clients typically book hourly sessions.

As examples, tuition can be developed for:

  • Introductions to specific packages such as Excel or Word
  • Courses focusing on specific modules or features of programs such as creating better documents with Word
  • Using spread sheets for household budgeting
  • Taster courses for those that have never been online
  • Courses on networking for small businesses
  • Data backup and recovery for businesses
  • Sector specific courses

I can supply samples of course materials and all content is created from scratch. I can however use your existing content if you’re only looking for course delivery.